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21 Jun

São João do Porto “play hammer”

The “hammer” of São João do Porto was created in 1963 by Manuel Boaventura, a business man from Porto, as a toy. That same year, Mr. Boaventura offered them for the “Queima das Fitas”, the students’ parade, with huge success. Porto’s shop owners wanted them too for the São João but due to the short stock, the hammers were sold only the following year and offered by Mr. Boaventura to the children of the city.

The “hammer” became part of the festival for 5 or 6 years. The managing board of the City Council back than didn’t considered it as a tradition and tried to exclude it from the festival, unsuccessfully though since the ”hammer” had already been accepted by the population and integrated into popular tradition.

The “hammer” is thus part of São João festival, being one of the major symbols of the night of 23 June, during which revelers greet one another with a friendly hammering in the head.


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