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Alfândega Nova do Porto

A neoclassical building, built in the scope of the Anglo-Palladian line in the 19th century according to a project carried out by the engineer Jean F. G. Colson.
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Capela das Almas

Chapel built at the beginning of the eighteenth century. From the same period is the image of Nossa Senhora das Almas (Our Lady of the Souls) located inside.
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Casa Almeida Garrett

An eighteenth century building, typical of the urban planning reforms instigated by the Almadas, where João Baptista de Almeida Garrett was born in 1799 and where he lived until 1804.
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Casa do Infante

The Casa do Infante owes its name to the fact of being the birthplace of Infante D. Henrique (Henry the Navigator). It is a set of buildings built to house the services of the Crown in Porto.
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Construction dating from the twelveth/thirteenth century in Romanesque style, it has been enlarged and renewed over the years up to its final setting, in the twentieth century, resulting in an idealized reconstitution of the medieval cathedral.
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Edifício da Ex-Cadeia e Tribunal da Relação do Porto

Granite building, dating from 1582, rebuilt in 1767 in neo-classical style according to the design of the architect Eugénio dos Santos, by initiative of João de Almada e Melo and financed by Companhia Geral da Agricultura das Vinhas do Alto Douro (General Company of Agriculture of the Alto Douro Vineyards).
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Estação de São Bento

The S. Bento Railway Station was built at the beginning of the twentieth century on the exact location of the former Convent of S. Bento de Avé-Maria. The glass and iron cast structure was designed by the architect Marques da Silva.
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Fundação Serralves

The Foundation's entire architectural and landscape heritage has been classified as a National Monument since December 6, 2012, and has been listed as a Building of Public Interest since 1996.
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